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ADR, advanced dispute resolution, mediation, arbitration, lawyer, attorney, los angeles, california

W. Patrick McPhilamy, III

is an attorney with over 24 years of experience, specializing in ADR (advanced dispute resolution), mediation and arbitration.

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What is ADR?

It refers to various processes that can help parties to resolve their matters without a trial. Essentially, ADR includes arbitration, mediation, neutral evaluation, and collaboration. Both parties of the dispute follow an out-of-court procedure. Rather than seeking a court decision, parties’ resort to a consensus settlement for their dispute. The proceedings are similar to a court procedure, but they're less formal. However, hiring an ADR lawyer is essential when seeking mediation for your case.

Why hire W. Patrick McPhilamy - ADR lawyer?

When it boils down to settling a matter outside the court, some folks take it casually. They just follow the arbitration protocol and believe to get a better decision. Sadly, most of these folks fail to land a better settlement. Subsequently, they go to a court for a better judgment. The try to save time and hassles quickly becomes a more daunting procedure. It's best to hire an expert ADR lawyer for mediation. Hiring an attorney comes with a series of perks.

An ADR Lawyer Saves Time

ADR processes aim to save time for each party of the dispute. However, you may end up wasting time on such processes. This is especially the case when you try to resolve the matter without a lawyer. Your opponent's lawyer may slow down the procedure citing unnecessary reasons. That can affect the overall process of dispute resolution. If this is the case, it'll defy the purpose of out-of-court mediation.

As a layman, you may not be familiar with such processes. You've to believe the decisions and protocols of the procedure. Since arbitration is less formal, your opponent's lawyer may try to lengthen the proceeding time to convince you for a less desirable solution. In such situations, you need someone to voice your concerns. A credible ADR attorney comes to your rescue for such scenes.

A lawyer knows the process of arbitration. He'll ensure that your time doesn't go waste due to the negligence or motives of your opponent. Rather, your attorney will speed up the proceedings, citing the purpose of mediation. As such, your dispute is likely to get over in a lot less time. 

Advanced Dispute Resolution Saves Hassles

Although the arbitration process is quite different from the normal court procedure, it does involve hassles. You've to abide by the rules and regulations of the process. At times, you may have to document your papers. Plus, you've to be present during the proceedings. Any mistakes on your part can invite problems.

When you appoint an ADR attorney, you don't have to bother anything about the whole process. Your lawyer will inform you about the procedure. He'll tell you what to say and when to remain silent. Not just that, the legal expert will document everything on your behalf. In case you can't attend a particular hearing due to some reason, your attorney will act on your behalf.

He may even seek another date that suits your schedule. Even if you miss out on an important date, the lawyer will detail the proceedings and keep you updated. By hiring a lawyer for mediation, you actually save bye-bye to all possible hassles. 

Reaching A Favorable ADR Settlement

People usually opt for arbitration to land a better settlement deal. While that's true to a great level, it's not always the case. Folks who try to settle their matters through mediation without an expert representative run into issues. Although arbitration isn't as rigid as court processes, it does involve some principles and guidelines.

You ought to follow them properly and raise your concerns regarding the settlement. If you fail to do that, you'll wrap up with an undesirable settlement. Your desire to settle the matter peacefully may turn out to be a more heated dispute. It's easy to avert such scenes by hiring an expert ADR attorney.

A proficient attorney is well aware of the arbitration procedure and the rules thereon. By using his knowledge, he'll ensure a settlement in your favor. Consequently, your opponent can't exploit your weaknesses. The result is a peaceful settlement in less time. 

Improved Relationships

At times, even a small financial dispute could give rise to a court suit. When egos get hurt, people get driven by rage. In such situations, the parties to the dispute often seek court intervention. While any matter could be resolved through court and arbitration proceedings, the decision may go against one party.

When that happens, your relationship with the other party is affected. Perhaps, the other party is your close friend or relative. Maybe, he's an important business associate. If that's the case, you'll lose your relationship. Such loss can impact your personal or business life substantially. Even after winning the case, you may regret seeking mediation proceedings.

An ADR procedure aims at arriving at a peaceful solution to the dispute. An expert lawyer will guide you on this fact. He'll ensure that the interests of both parties are respected and safeguarded. Once the dispute is over, you retain your relationship with the other party. 

Arbitrator Selection

When you battle the case in court, you can't decide the judge. The court panel appoints the judge for particular hearings. However, the scene is unique in the case of mediation and arbitration. All parties have their say on the arbitrator. It's the arbitrator that delivers the judgment after consulting all parties.

An ADR lawyer helps you choose the best arbitrator for the dispute in question. If you think that the arbitrator lacks the expertise or is biased, inform the attorney. Your attorney will raise your voice and see to it that an expert, unbiased arbitrator is appointed for the procedure. 

ADR Gives Flexibility and Control

The terms and conditions of an ADR procedure are not rigid like the normal court procedure. The parties of the dispute enjoy flexibility. They can set the terms of the process. While that allows the much-sought freedom, you may need more control over the process. However, your concerns and issues may not earn the desired attention.

With a credible attorney for mediation, like W. Patrick McPhilamy III, you gain more control over the settlement procedure. Your lawyer will help you set better and more flexible terms over the working of the arbitration procedure. Whether it's the rules governing hearings, time allotment, or other matters, you enjoy more freedom. 

ADR Support

Handling an ADR dispute isn't an easy chore. On the contrary, it's one of the most tedious and daunting chores. During the mediation process, you're likely to lose most of the points. Perhaps, you've to stay content with minimal compensation. Maybe, you enjoy a better settlement but lose the other party's confidence. All such situations could take a heavy toll on your life.

To avoid any such scene, you need persistent support. Only a legal representative could tender such support. Whether it's arguments or presentation of points, it's the lawyer that dictates your position. Through convincing arguments and reliable papers, your attorney will get you a better settlement. At the same time, the legal expert will work out a plan to bridge relationships with the other party to the dispute.

He could come up with a much better settlement idea that's acceptable to both parties. A better settlement deal could offer greater satisfaction. Additionally, you endure minimal stress during mediation, which itself is a big plus. Put simply, a credible lawyer could transform a heated dispute into a favorable settlement. It's like a win-win deal for you and your opponent.


Many people never consider a lawyer for mediation. They believe that appointing an attorney might cost them leg and arm. In view of their assumption, they proceed on their own. Sadly, many such people fail to enjoy the desired settlement. Also, the hassles and time make the scenario worse.

When you employ an ADR lawyer, the scene is different. First of all, a reputed lawyer charges a reasonable sum. Secondly, you're required to pay the attorney after the dispute is resolved. If you review the perks you cherish with the charges, you could conclude that hiring a respected attorney for mediation is a much better idea. 

Arbitration is a better alternative to court proceedings. Without appearing in a court, you may resolve your matter peacefully. However, hiring a respected Los Angeles ADR lawyer is imperative. In exchange for a small fee, a reliable attorney will get you through the case. Not just that, the lawyer will see to it that you enjoy a quick, favorable decision without hurting the interests and sentiments of the other party. This is why many people prefer a lawyer for mediation. If you want to tap all these perks, contact a reliable attorney and harvest the multiple benefits.